"A World of Engineering Ideas"

At Reeves Consulting, LLC we provide a wide variety of engineering services, and business solutions for our clients.  And, with our affiliations with other engineers and technicians, we bring a broad base of talent to get to the answer your project needs.  Services Reeves Consulting, LLC provides to our clients:

Site/Civil Engineering and Land Development

Reeves Consulting, LLC can provide the full suite of engineering services for the development of property.  Surveys, site planning, and utility design include some of the services we provide for land planning and development.


Many development projects have a component to them that requires securing permits.  Required permits may include local permits, stormwater permits, air, hazardous waste, solid waste, and in Vermont, the broader Master Land Use Permit known as Act 250.

Project Management

Reeves Consulting, LLC has experience in the broader areas of Project Management.  This may include addressing the needs of a specific construction project; or, the broader aspects of real estate development project management including project planning, permitting, real estate marketing and sales, construction, etc.

Forensic Engineering

The science of forensic engineering requires technicians to put their engineering skills and experience to work in order to identify the failure mode of a given building/site/project.  Reeves Consulting, LLC has experience in working with our insurance and legal clients in the areas of forensics and litigation support.

Water System Management

Reeves Consulting, LLC has developed a niche market assisting small community water systems develop new ownership strategies, operating plans, and financing for water system upgrades.