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When it comes to developing a project, or answering a critical business question, having a consulting engineer you can trust is important. We bring our clients engineering solutions with over 30 years experience in the fields of civil engineering; land use and development; forensic engineering investigations; litigation support; environmental due diligence; project planning and project management; and, environmental permitting and compliance.  Learn more on the "Our Services" page


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Our projects cover a variety of areas including construction management of $75 million of resort facilities; forensic engineering and litigation support for various insurance and legal clients; site and civil engineering for development projects; environmental due diligence; and multiple solid waste management and compliance projects.  Our project experience throughout the US and locations around the world provides you with "A World of Engineering Ideas"!  See some of the project work we have completed by going to "Our Projects" page.


About Us

Reeves Consulting, LLC is a dynamic consulting firm that is built upon years of project experience requiring team-building; interaction with regulatory bodies; strategic project planning; and due diligence.  Reeves Consulting, LLC employs strategies that are based on professional engineering experience.  Click here to learn more about Reeves Consulting, LLC.

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